The Naughty Boy & The Girl Who Trod Upon Bread
by Hans Andersen
The naughty boy shoots people with his bow and arrows. His victims seldom recover. The naughty little Inger was given a loaf of bread to take home to her starving mother. But she throws it into a muddy pond to save her new shoes while crossing. The bread holds her fast and descends to the devil's lair where her punishment, over the years, exceeds the crime.

Listen: Earshot


Fragments of a Journey in Hell
by Antonin Artaud

Notes from Artaud's theatre of the absurd.



The Narrow Road to the Deep North
by Matsuo Basho
Travel sketches in prose and Haiku by the Japanese Zen writer & poet (1644-1694)


The Sponsor
by Erik Barnow
Selections from this notable exposition on corporate domination of the broadcasting media.


The Lost Ones
by Samuel Beckett


Three Dialogues between  Hylas & Philonous
by George Berkeley
" Esse est percipi." To be is to be perceived. (1685-1753) The notable Samuel Johnson tried to disprove Berkeley's dictum by kicking a large rock: a painful proof that the philosopher was wrong?


It's a Good Day
by Jerome Bixby
A demonic child rules the universe. Bixby's view of adolescent behavior is a grim warning of what to expect now that they have grown up.


The Consolations of Philosophy
by Anicius Boetheus
Roman Philosopher (480 - 924 AD) The work was written during Boethius' one year imprisonment while awaiting trial, and eventual horrific execution, for the crime of treason. The text reflects on how evil can exist in a world governed by God, and how happiness can be attainable amidst fickle fortune.




Apocryphal Stories
by Karel Capek


On the Harmfulness of Tobacco
by Anton Chekhov
The lecturer strays from his subject to that of his torturous and domineering wife.


The following is a list selected from the several hundred readings I recorded and broadcast over the years. The works represent the wide range of world literature that we offered the listeners. There was much response, phone calls, letters of appreciation, but more important, questions and discussions about the works presented. These responses had a great effect of how seriously we were to take the level of interest and comprehension, that our audience of widely different literary backgrounds has.


Dream of the Locarno Dentist Julio Cortázar
Cronopios & Famos Julio Cortázar
St. Augustine's Pigeon Julio Cortázar
Traps (The novelette in three parts) Frederich Duerrenmatt
Fragments Epicurus
The Case of Lucy R. Sigmund Freud
The Speluncean Explorers Lon Fuller
The New Melisena Johann Von Goethe
Fruits of the Earth Andre Gide
Grimmest Tales The Grimm Brothers
Journey to the East (5 episodes) Herman Hesse
Wakefield Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Alter of the Dead Henry James
The Bench of Desolation Henry James
Journals & Notebooks Henry James
Habit (from Principles of Psychology) William James
The Notebooks Leonardo da Vinci
Memory, Dreams, Reflections C.G. Jung
A Report to the Academy Franz Kafka
Fathers and Sons (Brief tales) Franz Kafka
The Burrow (Complete) Franz Kafka
The Journals Kierkegaard
The Dwarf (Six 30:00 episodes) Par Lagerkvist
The Rocking Horse Winner D.H. Lawrence
The Haunter of the Dark H.P. Lovecraft
St. Augustine's Pigeon Evan S. Connell
Cancer Queen Tommaso Landolfi
Gogol's Wife Tommaso Landolfi
N Arthur Machen
Madness Guy de Maupassant
Was it a Dream Guy de Maupassant
False Gems Guy de Maupassant
One Phase of Love Guy de Maupassant
The Diary of a Madman Guy de Maupassant
The Tragedy of a Character Luigi Pirandello
The Man With a FLower in his Mouth Luigi Pirandello
The Masque of the Red Death Edgar Allen Poe
The Man of the Crowd Edgar Allen Poe
The Black Cat Edgar Allen Poe
The Imp pf the Perverse Edgar Allen Poe
The Euthyphro Plato
Meno Plato
Letters to a Young Poet Rainer Maria Rilke
The Decapitated Chicken Horacio Qurroga
Hell Screen Akutagawa Ryunosuke
Kesa and Morito Akutagawa Ryunosuke
Sanatorium under Sign of an Hourglass Bruno Shultz
The Stochastic Man Robert Silverberg
Inferno August Strindberg
Chumming With a Savage George Stoddard
Perfume (14 Thirty minute episodes) Peter Suskind
I Am A Cat (Four episodes) Natsume Soseki
Ten Nights of Dream Natsume Soseki
The Bridge of Dreams Junichiro Tanizaki
The Medusa and the Snail Lewis Thomas
The Death of Ivan Ilych (5 parts) Leo Tolstoy
Jaguar Myths Nanos Valaoritis
Letters to Theo Vincent Van Gogh
The Castle of Otronto (5 parts) Horace Walpole
Stories and Fairy Tales Robert Walser
De Profundis (Complete) Oscar Wilde
Pre-Colombian Literature (5 Programs) (Various sources)