READINGS: 1962 - 2008

The readings listed below began at Pacifica KPFA-FM dating from 1960-61. Shortly thereafter I became Director of Drama & Literature, with greatly expanded duties, but the daily reading programs continued until I left the station 1989 - 90.

The program had a very simple vision and format; writings selected from world literature of the widest possible range: fiction, poetry, diaries, correspondences, writings from the sciences, philosophy, mythology, wherever writings contained what could be regarded as interest and excellence. Many works were suggested by listeners, poets, novelists and scholars. Not surprisingly, the program was one of the most popular and appreciated in the station's schedule. It signaled one encouraging message, that there is an enormous capacity in the general listening public for expressive and informative literature. Their supposed attention spans are not limited, but their interest-span stimulation from the popular media continues to be culturally undernourished.

Many of the readings were preserved with their broadcast format including introductions and some closing remarks. The program series engaged many other readers, largely from the theatre community in the area, or from writers and scholars reading their own work. But it is from my own readings, that the following titles were selected. They varied in length from short half-hour programs to longer works in several parts and in some cases entire books.

The titles below are listed alphabetically by author. They represent a very small sample of readings during the period of nearly fifty years. As this web site progresses further comment on why the works were chosen and what they are about will follow.