Randy Thom

Randy was born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1951. He dropped out of college after two semesters, in 1970, and bummed around the USA for two years until he wandered into WYSO FM in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Public Radio was his obsession until 1977 when he began attempting to work in film sound.

Currently Director of Sound Design at George Lucas' Skywalker Sound in Nicasio, CA, Randy has received fourteen Oscar nominations, and won two Oscars, one for "The Right Stuff" and one for "The Incredibles." He's also been nominated for an Emmy and a Grammy. A self taught landscape painter (much influenced by long discussions with Erik about painting), you can find some of his paintings here: http://rthom.com/index.html

Randy is a frequent contributor to online discussion groups about film sound,

Some of his articles on film sound can be found at: www.filmsound.org

Randy lectures on film sound internationally, and received an honorary PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

To read more about Randy's early days at KPFA: The First Location