The Glencairn Plays: Rehearsal Sessions

The recordings documenting the rehearsal sessions of the Glencairn plays reveal Quintero's unique style of directing, his intimate knowledge of the plays, their characters, and the themes basic to O'Neill's work. José Quintero annotates the lines and situations, relating them to his own and the actors' lives. Entering the action, he frequently moves among the actors taking part in the dramatic flow. A rare and memorable glimpse into the fine art of directing.


Part 1: From the rehearsals of each play.

Part 2: On the themes and action of "In The Zone"

Editing and Documentation by: James McKee and Erik Bauersfeld

Length: 29:24

Listen: Earshot

London reviews for the BBC broadcast of the Glencairn plays:

The four Glencairn plays were distributed nationally by NPR, also broadcast by Australian Radio, WDR Köln and the BBC where their London broadcasts were reviewed in the daily papers with favorable comments. London Times: "...as realistic radio drama the plays have shown some of our native radio producers that, tension-wise, the silent intervals between words can speak volumes." London Independent: "...these four one-acts were a revelation...due largely to acting and production far superior to the run of BBC radio. Shay Duffin and Mike Genovese do justice to O'Neill's talent for putting philosophical speculations in working class mouths without making it embarrassing."

The Listener: "The Eugene O'Neill Centennial included a fascinating curiosity in the batch of four short plays about life aboard the SS Glencairn. They sounded like the exotics they were... the sound was laid on thick and heavy, a booming continuo for foghorn, chanting natives, throbbing engines and clanking metal. The more intense and claustrophobic of the pieces--In the Zone, Bound East for Cardiff worked powerfully well."