Muriel Murch

Letter from A. Broad. airs bi-weekly at nine AM in the Good Morning West Marin show hosted by Susan Deixler. Repeated on Epicenter. KWMR.FM org

Muriel/Aggie Murch began her radio work in 1989 in Drama and Literature at KPFA Pacifica in Berkeley, California. In 1996 she joined a band of radio heads as the founding program director helping to birth KWMR from cable to FM broadcast.
Returning to California and KWMR in 2004 after a period in England she now produces a biweekly "Letter From A. Broad." She continues to write short stories and produce independent radio programs focused on medicine, the arts and agriculture.
While Muriel creates radio Aggie runs the Murch home, Blackberry Farm, the inspiration for “From Field to Fork.”