LOCATIONS: 1992 - 1997

A series of original works for radio concentrating on acoustical locations as a basis for the writing and production. The series was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts with additional funding from the Zellerbach Family Fund.

Locations became of increasing interest to us. In the usual course of radio drama scripting, specific locations are indicated by the writer and sometimes used for recording the actors. Otherwise, actors are recorded in studios and sound designers go out to find suitable sounds with further treatment in the studio. We discovered that writers, actors and other production colleagues, visiting locations that they chose, often find elements that they wouldn't ordinarily have considered, and that could have a dramatic significance for their play: a row of phone booths and callers at a train station, flocks of pigeons along a side street, a video game alcove in a bus terminal.

Notably, construction sites have become public theatrical experiences for pedestrians, some have bleaches set up for viewing. Whatever location a scene calls for, there are actions and sounds in such places that can add to the composition of the play. What we wanted to do was to bring in these locational options for writers and sound designers at the outset, explore the location, see and hear what it is doing and what the dramatic artists can do with it. In particular we wanted to bring in the sound designers not as an afterthought, but for their contribution all along the way.

The programs were directed and produced by Erik Bauersfeld with Sound Design, recording on location and technical production by James Mckee, at Earwax Productions in San Francisco. Randy Thom recorded the play Object Piece on location with introductory sounds created at Lucasfilm. Recording Production Assistant and Photo Journalism was by Maria Gilardin. Artistic Consultant for the series was Irene Oppeneim.