by Irene Oppenheim


The botanist, Thorild Wulff, participated in the second Thule Expedition, led by Knud Rasmussen to the North Pole. They traveled to Cape Bridgman in the northeastern corner of Peary Land, then turned back. On the return trip, the expedition suffered from bad weather and insufficient supplies. Thorild, became ill, irritable, a threat to the team's survival. He was abandoned and died from fatigue near Cape Agassiz off the Humboldt Glacier.

Kmud Rasmussen: Ray Reinhardt
Thorild: Raye Birk
Judge: William Patterson
Peter Freuchen: John Nesci

Sound Design: Randy Thom
Additional Sound: Ken Heller & Dany Kopelson Fantasy Studios
Directed by: Erik Bauersfeld

Length: 30:00

Listen: Earshot