Erik Bauersfeld

    (June 28, 1922 – April 3, 2016)

Brooklyn, 1920s: Crystal-set sounds, then radio listening beneath family dining-room table where episodes of The Witch’s Tale rouses life long devotion to horror and inkling of a life in radio. Primary education guided by episodes of Buck Rogers and Uncle Don.  Art school (Cooper Union),  World War II came (USN action in the South Atlantic: long shore leaves in Rio’s Ipanema). World War II went. So did radio drama in America.

GI Bill to UC Berkeley… Philosophy Department. Teaching at San Francisco Art Institute (with inspiring colleagues: David Park, Richard Diebenkorn, Elmer Bishoff, Frank Lobdell). Late 50s, Pacifica’s visionary KPFA re-arouses childlike ambitions. Radio readings, dramas (The Black Mass, thirty five or more episodes) with sound producer John Whiting. Assigned the job of finding a new drama department director: job lasted some thirty years. Early on, my Bay Area Radio Drama (BARD) was formed, which began my ascendance as an independent producer with virtual access to an actual radio broadcasting venue.

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