August 29-31, 1989

The conference was designed by Randy Thom and Erik Bauersfeld to bring together artists working in various acoustical media: Radio drama, film, music. video, theatre, music. The main purpose was to hear and discuss the aesthetic and creative uses of sound, in particular new sound art. Several major artists were invited to give an extended presentation, and all artists present had an opportunity to introduce and play their work, with discussion from the other artists present. The main goal of the conference was to introduce new aesthetic possibilities for sound design in all the arts. American presenters were joined by others from England (BBC) Germany (WDR), Australia & New Zealand.

The project was funded by the National Endowment for the arts and The Goethe Institute of San Francisco. It took place, August 29-30-31 1989, at Lucasfilm's sound and technical studios at Skywalker Ranch in Nicascio, CA. Each session was recorded and archived, with assistance from Conference Producers Eva Soltes & Susan Stanford. Our special thanks to Don Drucker, with the National Endowment for the Arts, for consultation and support in realizing this conference. Below is a report of the procedings by San Francisco arts reporter, Steven Winn.

The following lists the guest artists and titles of their presentations. Further information will be given as we audition and edit the original recordings.


Tuesday Aug. 29, 1989

Shaun MacLoughlin
  BBC Features and Drama
Helen Thorington
  New American Radio
Ben Burtt
  Hearing is Believing
        (Film Sound)


Wednesday Aug. 30, 1989

Richard Beggs & Randy Thom
  Film Sound (a discussion)
Bernie Kraus
  Enviromental Sound
Pauline Oliveros
  Sound Environments
Margo Adler
  Documentary and Docudrama
Jay Allison
  Excerpts & Discussion


Thursday Aug. 31, 1989

Klaus Schöning
  The Language of Sound
        A history of acoustic art with
  excerpts from American and
        European radio
John Cage
  John Cage creates a Hörspiel
  using the auditorium, I-Ching
  dice, Lucasfilm equipment,
  and his voice
Klaus Schöning
  A Discussion
and John Cage



The following is a report on the conference sessions by San Francisco Chronicle arts critic, Steven Winn: It Was All Sound and a Little Fury