In the fall of 2009 I received the Audio Luminary Award by the Third Coast International Audio Festival.  It was a Life Time Achievement award and came about through no small efforts by my West Coast radio production comrades Susan Stone, Aggie Murch, Randy Thom, and James McKee. I was at that time engaged, with the aid of Jim McKee, in creating a Web Site that listed with some detail everything I had produced for the past fifty years. Looking over that long stretch for something that warranted “achievement” I found one I had not realized existed from the beginning, but did me little credit.  So little, in fact, that I missed seeing it at all, but there in the blazing pages of productions it lay clearly before me, names: names such as Martin Esslin, Klaus Schöning, José Quintero, John Whiting, famed performers, composers: Lou Harrison, Charles Armakhanian, poets: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, documentaran Maria Gilardin and the four apocalyptic comeraden named above. The list goes on, but the life achievement came down to just such a list, and the award to a simple observation:  all that while, those fifty years, I was successful in getting so many brilliantly talented artists to do things for me. That was the achievement.

But now to have a means of viewing the life’s work, seeing what it amounts to, a viewing apparatus, within all reach, a web site, and learning how to make it work. Despite all other projects, the designing and creating of a web site deserves special acknowledgement, as any of you know who have gone through the machinations of learning how to master that sacramental link to future arts and communication. Jim McKee offered to help me through the ordeal and master it himself. 

I have worked with Jim for over thirty years on a great variety of projects, and during the Life Time Award adventure there was the incentive to get some view on all that had happened.  A web site was the means and with Jim’s generous offer of assistance the job is now entering its fourth year. Years of often agonizing work to put together projects and programs covering half a century. During that time the designing of web sites has become an art form itself. Without Jim’s working with me, designing, recording, selecting, and learning the many new technical features that come up daily, it could never have been accomplished. For this reason, this phenomenal operation, this web site, is dedicated to my colleague and friend, James McKee.