by Walter Adler

Directed by: Erik Bauersfeld
Sound Design & Recording by: James McKee


Susan Brecht
Dave Christopher
Jim Dean
Ken Grantham
Albert Greenberg
Rick Hamilton
Kenna Hunt
Shirley Jac-Wagner
Cathleen Kramer
Kathleen Lawton
Will Marchetti
Ed Markman
Billy Ocean
Fredi Olster
Jack Shearer
Sidney Walker

Science fiction about a time when actors will play the parts of social and political administrators, leaving the inner-workings of government to proceed independent of public scrutiny. But what might happen if the play
becomes the thing? This radio-scopic experiment gives us daily advice and reports on how to stay alive and happy. The original production won the prestigious German War Blind Prize in 1976.


Length: 60:00

Listen: Earshot