BOOKS ON TAPE 1980 - 2003

Listening to literature while driving or doing household duties has become very popular, and some fine actors have taken part. I've been doing it on the radio for close to fifty years, but with little time to explore the audio-book field. On-air readings began as part of my job at KPFA, then became a feature of its own and broadcast on several stations in California and elsewhere. Many readings were book length but I never had occasion to offer them to a commercial audio-book company. The titles below for Books on Tape, were not inspired works and not of my choice with the exception of William James's extraordinary Varieties of Religious Experience. Small but necessary pauses seem to have been edited out. I tried to make the voice-text sound like James's lectures themselves, leaving slight pauses as he might have made them for the listener to keep up with his meanings. But either I hurried inadvertantly or the quantity of prose took some precidence over intelligibility somewhere along the way. For a better idea of voice reading I recommend Perfume, by Peter Suskind, a novel I recorded and listed under Readings For Broadcast. and is in the final section of this web site with many others. They were not consignments, but the following were.



  Paul Lafarge
The Varieties of Religious Experience
  William James
Up At The Villa
The Narrow Corner
Cakes & Ale
Without Armor
  James Hilton