All Hallows Walter de la Mare
The Squaw Bram Stoker
Evening Primrose John Collier
The Ash Tree M.R. James
Flies Anthony Vercoe
The Renegade Albert Camus
Six Tales Lord Dunsany
The Moonlit Road Ambrose Bierce
The Death Halpin Frayser Ambrose Bierce
An Evening's Entertainment M.R. James
The Diary of a Madman Nicolai Gogol
Esmé H.H. Munro (Saki)
The Witch of the Willows Lord Dunsany
MS Found in a Bottle Edgar Allen Poe
The Dream of a Ridiculous Man Dostoyevsky
The Jolly Corner Henry James
The Judgement Franz Kafka
The Outsider H.P.Lovecraft
The Rats in the Walls H.P.Lovecraft
Bartleby, the Scrivener Herman Melville
Atrophy J. Anthony West
The Legend of the Island of Falles Betty Sandbrok
Nightmare Alan Wykes
A Predicament Edgar Allen Poe
The Tell-Tale Heart Edgar Allen Poe
The Man of the Crowd Edgar Allen Poe
The Imp of the Perverse Edgar Allen Poe
The Haunted House Virginia Woolf
Proof Positive Graham Greene
The Boarded Window Ambrose Bierce
Oil of Dog Ambrose Bierce
Oh, Mirror, Mirror Nigel Kneale
Shiddah and Kuziba Isaac B. Singer
A Country Doctor Franz Kafka
The Burrow Franz Kafka
Disillusionment Thomas Mann
The Feeder Carl Linder
Lobster Salad Lord Dunsany