Voices Susan Griffin
Snoutburbler Michael McClure
C'est La Vie André Codrescu
Five Writers (with sound) Charles Upton
David Meltzer
Michel Palmer
Jack Shoemaker
Ishmael Reed
Trace Jerome Bixby
Head Drury Pifer
The History of Literature Nanos Valaoritis
The History of Rapture Leslie Brody
Ariel's Song to Prospero Ronald Johnson
The Sunshine's a Glorious Bird John O'Keefe
The Ceremony of Plants John Robinson
Additional works Bobbie Louise Hawkins
Cecil Brown
Ronald Sukenick
Michael McClure
Stan Rice
Pictures Sam Shepard
Tongues Sam Shepard
Objet D'Art for Judith Drury Pifer
The Story Carol Lashof
Inland Ice Irene Oppenheim
Four Monologues Alan Brown
  Gilbert Gerion
Kieth Abbot
Irene Oppenheim